How Old Do I Have To Be?

Everyone is welcome from 3 to 103! We have a mixed age-range in our adult classes and cater for all abilities. We specify that children need to be about 3 before they start to dance – when they are old enough to know their left from their right

What Footwear Should I Wear?

Anything goes but best advice is to wear a normal comfy shoe that stays on your foot if you kick your leg. Trainers tend to grip the floor too much so a shoe that you can slide in is better. Flip flops, boots and wellingtons aren’t great either (yes, we've had them!).

Is There A Membership Or Joining Fee?

No, simply turn up and pay as you go. You can pay each time you arrive or in advance. 

Do I Need A Partner?

Not at all. We have many singles – both male and female and we always try to find you a partner.

What Should I Wear?

Normal casual clothes are fine to dance in. For men, jeans or trousers and a t-shirt or shirt. The same applies to the ladies or a dress, skirt and top. For juniors, clothing that's easy to move in & trainers are perfect for the first time.

How Big Are The Classes?

All of our classes are usually busy with a lively, fun atmosphere. We have plenty of teachers and assistants on hand to help no matter what the size.

When Can I Start?

You can join at anytime throughout the year. Just drop by or get in touch with us to find out more.